Fyllecellen presents Goldfever 2024!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… GOLDFEVER 2024 - THE RETURN OF LASERFEVER We have now traveled into outer space, where the best parties take place. 18 years since the first edition of GoldFever,
FylleCellen is back and this time the party will be bigger than ever. After last year’s success, it is time for jedis, droids and stormtroopers to fight in a laser filled battle.

You have

left to pre party for the most thrilling Star Wars-themed bash of the spring semester begins.


Festeriet Fyllecellen

FylleCellen is an open festeri representing the Biomed-section at Linköping University!
We are a group of 12 happy students who host and engage in many fun events over the year.
You can find us in our green overalls and red shoes as we hang out on both campus US and Valla.

We love to GÜCKEL

You can book us for Nolle-P, sittningar and much more!
Send us a mail with an offer and we will get back to you shortly

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